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Monthly Market Update - June 2013 

Thursday, July 11, 2013 10:00:00 AM Categories: Economy

Monthly Market Update - June 2013


Welcome to the first of our Monthly Market Updates, where we provide a brief synopsis of financial markets over the last month.


• June 2013 finished on a subdued note for many investors. Although most leading equity indices still ended the first half of the year in positive territory, as we expected volatility continued to hit markets and share prices experienced widespread falls over the month, with investor sentiment undermined by concerns from both west and east.


• The US Federal Reserve sent shockwaves through equity markets with suggestions policymakers would consider scaling back their programme of asset purchases (quantitative easing) if the economy continues to demonstrate a sustained recovery (For an explanation of quantitative easing click here: )


• Here in the UK, investors were cheered by the news the UK economy had not in fact suffered a ‘double-dip’ recession during the first quarter of 2012 , although the recession of 2008/9 had proved more severe than originally calculated.  Nevertheless, UK investors remain preoccupied over the relatively fragile outlook for the domestic economy and were further perturbed by developments in the US and China.

Sarah sings at the O2! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 2:59:00 PM Categories: Whichers IFA

One of our admin staff, Sarah, sang at the 02 on Saturday!  She is part of a nationwide choir called Rock Choir and the 02 was hired out for 16,000 members and their leaders to sing together!  They all had a fantastic time singing songs they had learnt in their weekly rehearsals, for instance Living on a Prayer, Proud, Something Inside so Strong to name but a few!  She said the sound was incredible and when everyone sang the finale of Hey Jude whilst waving their “glow sticks” around the atmosphere was amazing!   The second picture shows Sarah with her mum!

In contrast to this, the next day saw Sarah and her local Rock Choir group singing for the 7/7 bombings memorial service in Hyde Park. A very emotional and humbling experience which she is very proud to have been a part of.