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Our aim is to make you feel comfortable, guide you through the maze of available options, leaving you confident and in control of your financial future

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We work with you to help you establish goals and the decisions required to shape your financial future. This includes long-term investment and budgeting as well as reacting to changes in your financial situation.

In all cases, we will bear the cost of the initial during which we can assess your financial circumstances.

client meeting © Alexander Raths - Fotolia.comDuring our initial consultation we will provide you with, and explain, our Client Agreement Document and discuss how the cost of our service can be met. Following this, an initial report will be produced which will summarise your situation, demands and needs and recommend a financial plan.

At all times we maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and integrity.

We provide a process which helps you determine your financial goals and priorities.  After considering your resources, risk attitudes (tolerance to loss) and current lifestyle, we will put together a detailed, balanced and realistic plan to meet those goals. Things, over time, can change; your life, your aspirations, taxation, legislation, investment markets, etc. This is why it is vital that your plans are reviewed and brought into line with such changes.